• We're re-branding as Future Friendly

    In our previous brand of Promise2030, we won the OpenSeventeen challenge awarded by a consortium including Bono's ONE campaign, CERN's Citizen Cyberlab, GovLab and SciFabric. The task was to devise a way of crowdsourcing data to ensure the 17 UN Global Goals would be met.


    The world is hurtling towards a frightening future of climate chaos. Climate change is already ruining the lives of many. Floods. Drought. Hurricanes. Melting ice. And scientists predict much more to come.


    Companies need to make a profit. But sometimes this can result in negative impacts. The result? Deforestation. Pollution. Green house gases.


    And it isn't just the environment that is suffering. Companies can run their affairs in ways that evade their responsibilities as corporate citizens. Outmaneuvering governments on tax. Paying wages that don't cover the basics – health, education, shelter.


    We all want companies to thrive. We'd like to build a culture where to thrive, they'll need to benefit the community and world around too.


    Future Friendly has been supported by a group of international NGOs who want to see the project progress from this initial concept to a full business plan and implementation.



    We're creating a tool for us all to nudge corporates to be the best they can be

    Crowdsourcing information to encourage a race to the top

    A tool to nurture sustainable companies


    Promise2030 will provide a tool to encourage more corporates to become transparent and publish their positive impacts on society and the environment.


    We'd also like more openness to be open in their financial affairs and to know about their charitable giving.


    While many of the largest companies report on their non-financial impacts, very few of the UK's 4.7million medium and small companies do. So our focus is on accelerating the number of companies beginning on the journey to more virtuous behaviour by making reporting as easy as possible.


    We'll use the power of the crowds to sign up companies and get them started. We'll encourage them to complete more details themselves.


    Then, by highlighting their virtuous behaviour we think companies will begin to ‘race to the top’, competing with other similar companies.


    In particular we'd like companies to declare their intent to be open and transparent about how they operate. Because when companies are more open, they become accountable to you and me, and work harder to ensure they benefit society and the environment.


    With a little encouragement more companies will strive to benefit both their the local community and to make the world a better place for future generations.



    The concept works on the simple 'nudge' principle. Starting with an initial approach by a member of the public, corporates of every size can become engaged in publishing their positive impacts for the first time. Then over time, more information is gathered, and input by the businesses themselves.


    The users will be motivated to use an app for a variety of reasons. Some will be altruistic - members of campaigning and fundraising charity networks. Others will be motivated by social and competitive pressures and rewards. Others are keen that their local towns and communities survive the onslaught of domination by unaccountable multinationals. Even schoolchildren could use the app in pairs for Geography projects.


    Each corporate may 'slide' into involvement. An 'account' can be created by anyone – eg a volunteer member of the public - who asks if the business will be future friendly by pledging to go to zero emissions. At this point, an account is created by the user, and the company can subsequently enter more information. The information built up by volunteers and the businesses is used to award a star-rating and encourages the businesses to compete in the ‘race to the top’.


    The app will maintain the user’s engagement through gamification, social marketing, and a token scheme.



    The whole credibility of the system rests on how verifiable each piece of information is, and this can be achieved with the help of crowdsourcing to verify the information.


    Who pays for it? Companies will get the initial service free, but like with Linked-In, they will need to register and pay a fee (starting at around £60 per local outlet) to gain additional services.


    Future Friendly will provide a white-label platform for charities and local voluntary organisations to have their own app. This enables them to engage their supporters in approaching businesses as part of the charity's campaigning, fundraising, and programme delivery activities.


    Promise2030 will be a community interest company - giving profits to charity. We'll be able to offer incentives and rewards to users who gather the information, and profits will go to participating charities.


    We know we share our passions with many organisations and companies, so we're keen to find ways where we can work together to achieve real change.


    Campaigning charities and NGOs

    If you're linked to a charity we'd like to hear from you. Do you want to raise awareness among businesses about the issues that concern your charity? We can help you and your supporters develop relationships with companies.


    Fundraising charities

    Would you like to be in contact with the many companies that we are engaging with? We're encouraging them to increase their charitable giving as part of the impact they can make on society or the planet.


    Professional standards/ certification bodies

    Do you want to find potential new members among our businesses that have shown an interest in your areas of concern? Do you want to verify that your existing members are meeting your standards. Or do you want to check if the certificates you issue still current or are properly used?


    CSR sector suppliers

    If you want to enhance your services by adding our information to yours, get in touch. If you feel you want to put your details in front of these potential member companies, we can help.

    Draft White Paper

    We're drafting a White Paper. Take a peek here, and let us know your thoughts: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3QpH27PjPtMWmZFMERmazFaeDg


    How does it work? Take a look at these slides.



    John Ranford Creator


    John is passionate about justice and the environment, and wants to make the world a better place for his grandchildren. John has a background of 35 years in marketing in the non-profit sector and now works on strategy and innovation projects using direct marketing, digital and TV advertising. He's married to Hilary with three grown up children, and enjoys cycling the Cotswolds on their tandem.


    Follow @JohnRanford


    Ian McKay NGO mentor, Innovira


    Ian is an experienced senior executive with a record of success in the charity, consulting and commercial sectors. A clear strategic thinker and leader, with deep understanding of organisations and change, able to make sense of the complex, and well proven ability to lead, mentor, enable and develop people and teams. Ian has specific experience in the charity sector of leadership, partnership development, grant making, international engagement, fundraising, organisational strategy and change as well as customer relationship management.


    Jimmy Brannighan Sustainability Advisor


    Jimmy is co-founding director of NETpositive Futures and has 20 years of sustainability consulting experience with both private and public sector organisations, leading their staff in the development of their sustainability strategies. He has delivered programmes – often focussed around developing sustainability leadership - for organisations such as WWF, One Planet Leaders, Ikea, Aviva, SKY, and Oxford University. Through NETpositive futures he provides a unique sustainability reporting solution rapidly expanding in the Higher Education sector.


    Adrian Williams Direct Marketing Advisor

    Adrian heads up DM Focus, a successful and well established direct marketing agency with specialisms in non-profits and data analytics. His previous experience includes heading up media data planning for a leading charity direct marketing agency, and data analysis with data giant Claritas (Acxiom). Triathlons are the other focus of Adrian's life - he owns a coaching initiative -Tri the Cotswolds.






    And the many people who have given their time generously to advise and help test this project.

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